Case Studies





THE REQUIREMENT: Longcross Film Studios required a full fibre optic network within their studio, between all stages, backlots, offices and external areas.


THE IMPLEMENTATION: Utilising some of the existing infrastructure and creating some new duct excavations, MyFibre has now connected every building and all internal and external areas to allow high speed broadband connectivity across the entire site - around 40 buildings and studio areas in total. 


THE TIMESCALE: The installation has been growing over the last 2 - 3 years, alongside the growth of the studio. 


THE DIFFICULTIES THAT WERE OVERCOME: The access to the old existing infrastructure was very limited and studio connections have very tight turnaround times. There is typically a weeks’ notice to connect some buildings. 


THE BENEFITS: Longcross can now access high speed internet throughout the entire site. There is availability to interconnect all of the various different stages and studio spaces, depending on the user/customer requirements. These connections can be switched and re-configured at any time.


Film companies expect and require A1 connectivity wherever they are and the Longcross network solution network provides this, even providing fibre connectivity in car parks or forest/wooded areas that would be considered “Off Site”.




THE REQUIREMENT: Dark fibre connectivity between all five separate campus sites.


THE IMPLEMENTATION: My Fibre installed 96 core fibre connections between all five campus sites, and also created a diverse connection between these sites. This connection is secure dark fibre, running all student services and security cameras, bookings and registration of students and internet/intranet across the whole university.


THE TIMESCALE: The network build was completed in around 6 months. The new network replaced a previous supplier and reduced costs to the university by around 30%.


THE DIFFICULTIES THAT WERE OVERCOME: My Fibre had to cross a busy set of roads in central London to achieve this connection. We utilised “Directional Drilling Techniques” to achieve these crossings with no impact to the local community of road traffic users.


THE BENEFITS: Roehampton University has unrestricted high bandwidth broadband between all of their sites, and have had 100% uptime with no interruptions since this deployment was completed.