Service Examples

​We have built a deep understanding and trust with our customer industries and helped support their vision and strategies over many years. 


Point to Point

We created a FULL Fibre Optic Ring across multiple sites around the University of Roehampton campus. This was a significantly more cost-effective solution than the University had before and enabled all buildings to be connected diversely to each other and the network, which removes any single point of failure of the network.


For size and scale context, this is a 54 Acre Campus connecting over 30 buildings and more than 8000 Students! Up time is 100%. Full references available.


Community Broadband

My Fibre is currently engaged in the planning stages of FTTH projects in Mid Wales and Warwickshire. These are smaller projects to demonstrate and prove the concept that combining ECC Code Powers, Openreach PIA flexibility and some commercial common sense, can really work for harder to reach communities.



We are in the final stages of delivering the interconnection of 2 new university campus sites in the centre of Winchester, which is of course a complex and high-density area to deploy through. My Fibre utilised cutting edge ‘Directional Drilling’ techniques to deliver the network, on-time and in budget, within 8 weeks.


For complexity context, the deployment has needed to negotiate routes between the Emergency Hospital, Winchester Prison, Winchester University and the main artery roads into Winchester City Centre! We liaised closely with the Highways Authority and succeeded where other suppliers had not been able to achieve a satisfactory plan.