Specialists in dark fibre and high bandwidth network solutions. 



We are faster, highly flexible, and priced to win and keep your business long term.


We provide clear, uncompromised services, that are aggressively priced and deeply supported.


Point to Point

Point to point dark fibre network connections that can link businesses together for secure private connectivity, typically in a campus or metro environment.


Community Broadband

My Fibre can plan, implement and deploy your community fibre network, FTTH. We can interconnect with all ISP's for the last mile, full-service, dark fibre access.



Seamless Interconnections with other providers to integrate between suppliers or extend existing services.


We have a portfolio of long-term Clients, who are happy to provide you with real world references.

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“Sohonet has worked with MyFibre for over 5 years as a trusted partner to facilitate the building of campus networks as some of the UK’s largest film studios.  MyFibre’s excellence and quality of delivery has been instrumental in Sohonet winning and maintaining customer business over this time.  At Sohonet we value responsive and flexible partners who will go the extra mile to get jobs done and who deliver to a high degree of quality.  MyFibre has become our go-to company of choice for all campus network builds and for a number of other requirements within customer environments.  I have no hesitation in recommending them for any such work.”

— Damien Carroll

Chief Operating Officer